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While waiting for its publication, this page presents her books.

Le Don du Souffle

Publication date  : Septembre 2020

Nombre de pages : 256

ISBN : 9780998741727

Publisher : Sacred Worlds Publishing LLC

Souls who leave us

Much has been written about death and the Afterlife. There are, however, few books devoted to the souls of those who leave our world in difficult, sudden and sometimes tragic conditions – a car accident, a disease, a refusal of hope in the existence of another reality, or a murder. What happens to them? What do they experience, and what can we do to help them?

With SOULS WHO LEAVE US, Marie Johanne Croteau-Meurois tackles these questions.

Through twelve tru stores, she shares with us her amazing experiences with souls who left life in tragic and painful circumstances. The result is a poignant testimonial book, rich in information and knowledge, and also a source of immense compassion.

The portal of the elves

This book is resolutely out of the ordinary.

By consulting the Akashic records and piercing the veil that separates the worlds, Marie Johanne Croteau Meurois enables us to penetrate a thousand details regarding life in the elven universe and the elves’ relations with the Elements of Nature.

Rich with unrevealed information, her story shares with us the exceptional destiny of an Elf who chooses to leave her world to join that of the humans. The discovery of audacity, an unrestrained quest for freedom, a sense of love, and the need to expand one’s consciousness, this authentic testimony invites us, by its tenderness and its purity of soul, to a surprising multidimensional journey at the dawn of Celtic Times.

All who are sensitive to the subtle Presences that populate Nature as well as the relationships that can be established between them and our world will be happy to discover the truthful initiatory narrative of the Portal of the Elves.

Le Don du Souffle

Publication date  : August 2020

Nombre de pages : 212

ISBN : 9780998741741

Publisher : Sacred Worlds Publishing LLC

The Great Book of Essenian and Egyptian Therapies

By Daniel Meurois and Marie-Johanne Croteau

The Essenians, like the Ancient Egyptians, had mastered the art of the energetic therapies. After being hidden for thousands of years, their knowledge is coming back today in response to our society’s profound need to once again find deep roots and dimensions. This book–which represents the essence of many years of research and practice–offers the public the most complete set of Essenian techniques and perceptions of the human being subtle anatomy ever collected.

The authors, Daniel Meurois and his wife, Marie Johanne Croteau, intend the book as an especially well illustrated, clear and precise teaching tool. All those who are interested in health and the harmonious balance of the being will appreciate the book because of its exciting content and training–in terms of both the horizons it opens, and its practical-side–coupled with the reconciliatory philosophy that emerges. Therapists and students in energetic therapies will discover a pleasant user-friendly manual rich in working techniques and innovative elements designed to develop their practice.

Through its approach–based on the Archetypes and symbols that touch on the physical, subtle, psychological and spiritual dimensions of the being, and through its information on combining the internal development and global health of the organism–this book offers everyone new avenues of growth and harmony.

More than ever, the reader as the practitioner will be brought to understand the marvelous relationship unifying human being—body, soul and spirit—with the force of Universal Life, the Divine that includes everything.

The Great Book of Essenian and Egyptian Therapies
is already a best-selling reference book in French.

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